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The basic packages for papers and articles. The basic delivery time for all services is 2-7 days, unless the Express option is selected. In that case, the delivery time drops to 48h at maximum.


Meeting the requirements of a journal's template can be quite difficult. Our experienced editors can adjust your paper to meet the requirements of any template.

  • Ensure that your paper is in line with the desired format.
  • No content corrections
  • Up to 2 rounds

Price:  10€ / 1000 words.

Minimum price: 35 €


The volume of published scientific work is constantly increasing and the required level of its presentation is rising, making it harder and harder to get a manuscript accepted. Language quality plays the most vital role in the success of a submission. Our experienced team members can proofread your paper and correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors.

  • Ensure that your work is written in correct American or British English before submission.
  • No formatting corrections.
  • Up to 3 review rounds

Price: 16 € / 1000 words.

Minimum price: 45€


A language editing and formatting combination. It is the most recommended service, suitable for inexperienced writers.

  • Ensure that your paper is in line with the desired format.
  • Ensure that your paper has no grammar, spelling, or punctuation errors
  • Up to 3 rounds

Price: 19 € / 1000 words

Minimum price: 50€

Advanced Copyediting

An advanced version of the copyediting process, which focuses on inner cohesion, platitude omission, and word count reduction.

  • Ensure that your paper is in line with the desired format.
  • Ensure that your paper has no grammar, spelling, or punctuation errors
  • Unlimited rounds
  • Special focus on logic, flow, and cohesion
  • The paper may be submitted to extensive changes by our highly experienced team members
  • 5%-20% word count reduction

Price: 22€ / 1000 words.

Minimum price: 60€

Paper Service Overview

Services Formatting Language Editing Copyediting Advanced Copyediting
PhD holders or candidates selected according to your field
Money back or free re-edit

(in case of rejection based on format)

(in case of rejection based on language)

(in case of rejection based on format or language)

(in case of rejection based on format or language)

Rounds 2 3 5 Unlimited, up to 1 year
Manuscript formatting meets template requirements
Detailed language check
Focus on flow and coherence
Usual word count reduction 5% 5% 5%-20%
Improved paper illustration and professionality
Price 10€/1000 words 16€/1000 words 19€/1000words 22€/1000words
Minimum price 35€ 45€ 50€ 60€
Track changes in Word
Feedback on changes
(+5€/1000 words)
(+5€/1000 words)
Reference Editing
Express 48h delivery

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Simple Services

Simple services that can be utilized either as standalone or as addons

Reference Editing

Citations and references are essential in an academic paper. They show the correlation with relevant studies and the originality of the work at hand. Incorrectly formatted citations or references may be the difference between a published and a rejected paper. Pefcor's editors can adjust your reference list to the journal's requirements.

  • Standalone or Addon Service
  • Supported formats: ACS, AMA, APSA, APA, ASA, Chicago, Harvard, Elsevier, IEEE, MHRA, MLA, Nature, Vancouver

Price: 0.5 € / reference

Price (standalone): 1 € / reference

Minimum price (standalone): 20 €

Addon Options

Options that can be applied only as addons to almost any service


Do you want to publish your work taking advantage of the excellence of the TeX or LaTeX format? Our experienced editors can format your document to any given TeX, LaTex, XeTex, or XeLateX template.

  • Ensure that your paper is in line with the desired format.
  • You receive the code and a PDF output
  • Supported variants: TeX, LaTex, XeTeX, XeLaTex
  • Addon Service

Price: 3€ / 1000 words.


Experienced reviewers check your paper's inner cohesion, cogency, and professionalism and offer valuable advice, increasing the chances of paper approval.

  • Addon Service
  • One reviewer will proofread your manuscript, regarding professionalism, outlook, and cohesion and report logic or flow mistakes, deficiencies, or ambiguities
  • This process does not by any means substitute the review process of a journal. Novelty, possible plagiarisms, and scientific goals of the paper are not examined. This is a confidential consulting process and not a publishing decision.

Price: 5€ / 1000 words


In all services and upon request, the Track Changes option can monitor the changes to your manuscript. Optionally, you can receive feedback regarding changes to the structure and cohesion of your manuscript in the form of comments

  • The edited paper changes are explained
  • Alternate versions may be given
  • Addon Service

Price: 5€ / 1000 words.


The delivery times are affected by the amount of work at hand. A service can be put in an express status and become a priority, urging staff members to put aside everything else or work overtime. We guarantee the shortening of the delivery time of papers in express status to a maximum of 2 days/paper but for obvious reasons, in this case, the fee rises by 80%.

This service can be applied only to papers, not in theses or dissertations.

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Pefcor provides the services of highly experienced PhD holders or PhD candidates that offer professional editing and proofreading services in papers and theses in American or British English. Our highly experienced associates have worked for various scientific journals as proofreaders, editors, and copyeditors.

What we do

Although originality and scientific validity are the most crucial characteristics of academic work, high-quality editing plays a vital role in ensuring the success of paper submission. associates aid you throughout the entire paper writing process offering consulting, copyediting, and proofreading services.



All files are deleted after a reasonable time period. The uploaded files are not shared, distributed, or viewed by any third party. Our associates are bound by confidentiality agreements. We offer high-quality services and confidentiality. Your work is safe with us.



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