Service Types

We offer services adjusted to your needs. Available options are modulated as much as possible with different services and pricing to fit your needs.

Paper Services

The volume of published scientific work is constantly increasing and the required level of its presentation is rising, making it harder and harder to get a manuscript accepted. Formatting or language issues, incorrectly formatted citations or references, logic or flow mistakes, deficiencies, and ambiguities may be the difference between an accepted and a rejected paper, regardless of its scientific value. In Pefcor, we can help you in every stage of the writing process assuring the professionalism and cohesion of your paper.

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Thesis Services

PhD candidates and holders are here to assist you in every step of the way of writing down your thesis. Formatting, language editing, copyediting, advanced copyediting, and/or reference editing can be applied to your manuscript or any part of it. An experienced reviewer can give you consulting services regarding the professionalism and inner cohesion of your manuscript.

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Batch Services

Special offers for journals and conferences! Editing a journal issue or proceedings volumes can be quite challenging, considering the work needed to organize, copyedit, and proofread multiple papers by multiple authors on short notice. If you are editing journal issues or conference proceedings, we can assist you and organize your bulk work regarding format, citing/references, and professionalism of the approved papers in any template.

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Service Options

Each basic service package comes with many additional options allowing you to choose the level of our involvement in your work.

The basic delivery time for all Paper services is 2-7 days unless the Express option is selected, which drops delivery time to a maximum of 48 hours. For Thesis and Batch services the delivery time depends heavily on the amount of required work.


Adjust your paper or thesis to the desired template


Ensure that your work is written in correct English


Language editing/formatting combination

Advanced copyediting

Copyediting with focus on inner cohesion

Reference & citing

Adjust your reference list to the desired format

Addons & options

Adjustable services, according to your needs
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Pefcor provides the services of highly experienced PhD holders or PhD candidates that offer professional editing and proofreading services in papers and theses in American or British English. Our highly experienced associates have worked for various scientific journals as proofreaders, editors, and copyeditors.

What we do

Although originality and scientific validity are the most crucial characteristics of academic work, high-quality editing plays a vital role in ensuring the success of paper submission. associates aid you throughout the entire paper writing process offering consulting, copyediting, and proofreading services.



All files are deleted after a reasonable time period. The uploaded files are not shared, distributed, or viewed by any third party. Our associates are bound by confidentiality agreements. We offer high-quality services and confidentiality. Your work is safe with us.



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