Who we are
We are a network of PhD holders or candidates of various academic orientations, highly experienced in paper reviewing, copyediting, and proofreading. Depending on the required service and scientific field the most suitable associates are enabled, guaranteeing the result.
Pefcor is under the wing of Eos Cultural Assosiacion a nonprofit organization based in Peloponnisos, Greece aiming to promote culture, science & education. Its modest fees are used to cover expenses and give back to the community.
What we do
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Pefcor provides the services of highly experienced PhD holders or PhD candidates that offer professional editing and proofreading services in papers and theses in American or British English. Our highly experienced associates have worked for various scientific journals as proofreaders, editors, and copyeditors.

What we do

Although originality and scientific validity are the most crucial characteristics of academic work, high-quality editing plays a vital role in ensuring the success of paper submission. associates aid you throughout the entire paper writing process offering consulting, copyediting, and proofreading services.



All files are deleted after a reasonable time period. The uploaded files are not shared, distributed, or viewed by any third party. Our associates are bound by confidentiality agreements. We offer high-quality services and confidentiality. Your work is safe with us.



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